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EHS Concept :

• Focus on environmental sustainability.

• Strive to reduce the consumption of natural resources and actively use clean energy. We pursue to minimize the impact on the environment in business activities and product manufacturing processes.

• Zero injury, zero occupational disease and zero environmental pollution.


EHS Policy :

• Abide by laws and regulations and work together to create a healthy, safe, hygienic, environmental friendly, civilized and harmonious working environment.

• Considering that health, safety, hygiene and environmental protection are as important as quality, progress and cost, priority should be given to health, safety and hygiene and conducive to environmental protection when formulating work plans.

• In order to make our sky bluer, water clearer and people more harmonious, it is the responsibility of every employee of Vanke to do a good job in health, safety, sanitation and environmental protection.


EHS System :

• Systematic risk management to identify and evaluate the company's business operation risks, and actively prevent and effectively respond to emergencies to reduce the possibility of EHS accidents and negative events and the severity of their consequences.

• Strive to protect our employees with professional management tools, effective management procedures and continuous employee training. We will continue to invest sufficient resources to gradually realize intrinsic safety.

• Strive to reduce risks and ensure business continuity.

• Adhering to the company's core value of "caring for life and working hard for human health", we integrate environment, occupational health and safety into our business. Avoid environmental pollution and strive to provide employees and partners with a safe and healthy working environment.


EHS Culture:

Sense of leadership, territorial management, line responsibility, full participation, continuous improvement, responsible care, excellent operation, green pharmaceutical.


Labour and Human Rights:

The company always adheres to the core value of "people-oriented", takes the realization and maintenance of the interests of all employees as the starting point and foothold of the work, protects the rights and interests of employees, promotes the value realization and all-round development of employees, protects the physical and mental health of employees, improves the cohesion of the enterprise, and realizes the common growth of employees and the enterprise.


Business Ethics:

Adhering to the "moral concept of valuing morality and carrying things", the company constantly adapts to the rapidly changing market competition environment, adheres to the principle of combining internal supervision with external supervision, carries out various activities related to business ethics step by step according to the requirements of current laws and regulations, and constructs a business ethics system in line with the international market environment and China's national conditions.


Sustainable Procurement:

The company has always fully integrated the concept and requirements of social responsibility into the enterprise's supply chain construction and material procurement process, focused on promoting the procurement and use of recyclable materials, achieved compliance procurement and green procurement, continuously improved the sense of social responsibility of the supply chain, and is committed to building a sustainable supply chain.


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